Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Low-Back Crisscross Floral Dress

Low-Back Crisscross Floral Dress

After a few months of owning this Enchanted Floral Maxi Dress I finally got to wear it for my sister in-law's #baby shower; this last #Sunday.

oseawey floral dress

The dress features a low-back with crisscross spaghetti straps; you need a bra that will hide perfectly or go braless, which I did. I used No-Show Petals instead of a bra. It also features a surplice neckline, M-slit front and an invisible zipper in back.

I also paired it up with a crop top pink/peach jean jacket since it was a little revealing and also a little windy.

oseawey floral dress

The most cool thing about this dress, is that it comes with #shorts underneath. It basically looks like those "old school" 70's swimsuits so it serves as mini shorts since this dress bottom part is sliced in two.

oseawey floral dress

oseawey floral dress


Brown wrapped around sandals from Aldo Shoes to give it the extra inch tallness this girl needed.


Let me tell you; I and everyone else, fell in love with this dress.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Mondays Suck!

Mondays Suck Who Agrees?

Okay, I honestly agree that we have to look at a new day as a Gods gift. But including Monday's? lol #joke They do SUCK; as much as I have tried to learn to like them I just can't seem to wake up and jump out bed full of joy!

It just seems much harder when you just had a super cool and full of fun weekend, Don't you agree?

Mondays Suck

Graphic Tees

Got this puppy at Ross Dress for Less for only $7.99! They had racks and racks of crop tops, floral prints and of course graphic tees at very low prices. Go check it out!

Mondays Suck

Mondays Suck

Mondays Suck

Mondays Suck

Over all; this #Monday was a good Monday, hard to wake up, but that's every day of MY life. I am not a #morning person at all, which reminds me I got a very cute "I hate mornings" tee, must look for it and wear it one of these days!

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$

Yes, its a knockoff I know; So what? I mean not all of us can afford a $30 or plus tee or just simply want to save those $30+ for some other cool well worth shirt! I am thankful for #knockoffs, it let's ALL OF US GIRLS who don't necessarily have the #funds to purchase brand clothing items, which I don't deny I wish I could! :P

girls just wanna have funds

So, that being said, I finally wore this graphic tee featuring a #GirlsJustWannaHaveFunds graphic with a round neckline, rolled cap sleeves and finished trim. Statement-Making Graphic Tee from Forever21 which is now SOLD OUT!

Girls Have Fund$ #lol
girls just wanna have funds

girls just wanna have funds

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Just a little remising...Cindy looks a little cross eyed, but do you see al those COOL accessories? I want all of them!

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds from Eleven Diamonds

Can you afford or want to pay for the original Girls Just Wanna Have Funds tee?? It is also Sold Out.

Found these other tees and other item knockoffs.

See Forever21 is not the only one doing this :P

OseaWey! Rhinestone Nails

Rhinestone Nails

Over the weekend I found a little #nail kit at Ross, which included 2 color nail polishes (pink and green), one clear/glue polish, 1oz of white glitter, 1oz of sorted color #rhinestones, 1oz light green tiny flat stars, 1 dotting brush, 1 thin brush and 1 regular brush all for $5.99

Here is the result of what I did with this little kit :)

Step #1 Painted all nails with white polish.

Step #2 Used white #glitter on all nails. How to apply glitter on nails? You apply a clear/glue coat on nail all over, then with a wide fan looking brush you apply glitter, then you clean excess off.


Step#3 Separated all #rhinestones by colors and created all the letters I wanted on each nail. Used the #dotting #brush to place a small/tiny drop of clear/glue polish on the nail to form the letter, then with same dotting brush I grabbed the rhinestone (it sticks since it has a little bit of glue) then placed it on top of #nail with glue, repeat until you get all letters on all desired nails.


and you are DONE!

Nail Art Tools

Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, but all these tools and products worked perfectly for someone like me that is barely getting the hang of doing some nail art on my own. So, I totally recommend for you guys to visit your local #Ross and check out their nail section.


I also found a bunch of stuff at amazon.com for very low prices! I am adding to cart as I type this, check it out.

Friday, April 25, 2014

COMME des FUCKDOWN & Daisies A Perfect Match

Comme des Fuckdown *

Like every other morning, I open my Instagram and the first image I see on my feed is a Comme Des Fuckdown * post! So it made me feel like wearing my own Comme Des Fuckdown * sweater.

comme des fuckdown

comme des fuckdown

comme des fuckdown sweater

comme des fuckdown sweater

Who, What is Comme Des Fuckdown?

Found this interview from 2012, with one of the founders of the brand.

Is Comme Des Fuckdown, Caviar Cartel, and #SSUR all your design, then? Yeah, Comme Des Fuckdown is a design we did eight to ten years ago for a brand that myself and Jamie Story, who used to do a brand called JMoney, collaborated on, called The Cut. We put out the design years ago and it had a good response then too, but we put it on ice for a while. The timing seemed right to bring that one back out with the whole 2012 thing and all that stuff. We brought it back again to tell the world to just chill the fuck out. - READ MORE AT SOURCE VICE


asap-rocky#A$APRocky raps about Raf Simons in his videos, wears Louboutin and has been spotted in the tongue-in-cheek #Comme de Fuck Down beanie from street-wear label SSUR, an homage to #CommedesGar├žons. The Harlem-born rapper cemented the trend for Euro cool by choosing Paris as the backdrop to his latest video, #Goldie. SOURCE WGSN

Goldie Video


Decided to pair this #sweater with my all over print #daisies shirt/dress and my faithful dark jeans with high top sneakers from #Aldo Shoes.





Street Bold in Yo Face Inspiration


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Graffiti Leggings

Street Chic Graffiti Leggings

I got to admit, I have more #leggings in my #closet then actual jeans or shorts or even dresses! Why do I have more leggings than actual #pants? Well, for one they are extremely comfortable, second they are super affordable and third but not least I look awesome in them! lol #sarcasmhumor there...

graffiti leggings

Got these pair of leggings featuring a "Never Look Back" graffiti print with lightening bolt accents an elasticized waist and very lightweight material Street-Chic Graffiti Leggings from #Forever21 for $10.80!

graffiti leggings

Rules for Wearing Leggings

Yes, there is rules when wearing leggings! Since leggings are not pants and leggings tend to be made of very light materials; we girls need to be careful with how with pair them up and what we wear underneath and on top of them.

So here are a few rules I truly believe in when wearing leggings! My Rules...

Rule#1 Wear leggings that work well with your body. Don't wear leggings that are or too tight or too loose. Too tight can show every dimple on your legs and too loose can bunch over and it just looks bad. Need help on what type of leggings to choose according to your body type? Check this article I found at Elle Canada.

graffiti leggings

Rule#2 Leggings are not pants, just like I said before. So always try to cover your butt with either a longer top or coat this helps also covering your camel toe if you get one LOL I know gross Mimi; but its the truth! In this case I used a long sleeve around my waist :)

graffiti leggings

Here is a picture of my behind with nothing covering it, in this case it looks "okay" but I still feel a little uncomfortable walking around like that, so I stick to tying a long sleeve shirt around my waist!

graffiti leggings

Rule#3 Wear the right shoes, be creative! Leggings usually look good with knee-high boots, sandals, flip-flops, or even low-cut boots in my case I used my high top sneakers.

graffiti leggings

FINAL RULE! PLEASE! USE UNDERWEAR THAT IS NOT VISIBLE! Meaning; try to choose a color that matches the color of the leggings and something with very subtle seam-lines.

Like thongs usually do the trick. :) so you can't see the lines, but if you don't wear thongs, cause they can be uncomfortable I may say then try the seamless boy shorts, which are tiny underwear shorts or bikini underwear or if you are adventurous then go commando o.O

Please no granny panties or bright color undies with black or white leggings, bright colorful undies that you cant miss from a distance, those are a big no, no. See what I am talking about here! Please remember leggings are not pants!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pink Glitter Nails

Pink Glitter Nails from Victoria Secret

Bought this Victoria Secret pink glitter nail polish, and let me tell you its pretty darn cute!

Pink Glitter Nails

Pink Nail Tutorial Steps

Nothing to hard, nothing to over the top or excentric, but simple, easy to do and most important cute!

Step One: Painted all nails except middle fingers with this dark pink Love & Beauty by Forever21.
Pink Glitter Nails

Step Two: Painted middle finger nails with this beige Healthy Nails also by forever21.
Pink Glitter Nails

Step Three: Painted pinky and index fingers full of pink glitter, and finally on ring fingers a place a small dot on middle of nail. I used Backstage from Victoria Secret.
Pink Glitter Nails

Pink Glitter Nails Finally I had some cute little pink flower stickers that I only used on my middle finger nails, which have the lighter shade of pink, to give it a cute and different touch.