About OseaWey

Let me tell you a little bit about Osea-Wey.com how it all started. Osea and Wey are just two words that I say a lot and decided to use for my Personalized Plate (car license plate number). I also used it a lot for all my social media accounts, so eventually the name stuck.

Over the years I been really active mainly with FaceBook and now a days Instagram, both personal accounts, always posting about my everyday life, friends, trips and yes selfies. Recently I started uploading pictures of my every day outfits so then I thought, maybe I should just create a blog, so I did!

Every time someone gives me a compliment about a piece of clothing I am wearing, I will always respond with, Oh! I got it at so and so store and it was cheap too! I got it for this $ amount. So that's when a friend of mine suggested; that my tagline be OseaWey, on a Budget! I like to buy clothes, but I do stick to non brands most of the time and affordable prices for my pocket.

So what is the point of this blog? This blog is my personal space to post and share anything I want, starting with my own outfits I try my best to post one a day or a few per week and share any information about them.

You will also see anything related to design, art, music, #typography, graphic design, web design and photography.

Why I have this blog? Well I like to post, I like to share, I like to vent, I like to shop and I like to entertain to a certain extent. So please feel free to share & comment! <3

What does OseaWey mean?

I find myself explaining to people what the words Osea Wey mean constantly, so let me give you a brief explanation of what the words OSEA-WEY mean and translate to...

Osea: Spanish preppy equivalent of the English word "like" (used in a slang way).

Wey: is a word used by Mexican people, that means different things. When you say it in a nice way it means buddy, but when you try to offend someone it means Jackass...(used in a slang way).

English: "Like, dude, what's wrong with him?!"
Spanish: ¿¡Oséa, güey(wey), qué le pasa?

For my proper Spanish speakers... Si, si se que la palabra “ósea” necesita una tilde, y es un adjetivo que significa “del hueso” y la locución “o sea” es la que se usa para introducir explicaciones....pero como en el mundo de la internet se vale todo... se aguantan! Gracias!