Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why we hate Monday's?


What is it about #Monday that it just makes almost everyone around me either lazy or grumpy? I must admit that Yes, I am guilty of the Monday curse I am part of this crowd but this particular Monday I was not lazy or grumpy and I did wake up late, but hey that's nothing new for me, Right? lol I was in fact in a very very good mood; Why? I have no clue I was just #happy.

So I started goggling for answers and this is what I concluded.

Why we hate Monday's?

1) The weekend is over.

2) We don't want to work, we want to be #rich and stay in bed all day if we feel like it.

3) We hate our jobs which I think the majority of people already do, no matter what day of the week it is.

Learn to Love Monday's

So, what can we do or at least for my part that is. What can I do to feel more positive about my Monday's? hmmmm... Wear a NEW PIECE OF CLOTHING! YEAAAY! As easy as that; it is for me. ;)

oseawey-outfits75-2 So, I chose this #NastyGal I think I Can Tee that they had for Sale last week and still do on their site for $19 Hurry go get it! I paired it with my handy dark jeans, my faithful flannel plaided shirt/dress that lately I been wearing way to freaking much, but could care less because I love it so much!


So, Yes, a piece of clothing makes me happy, so I try to wear a new piece of clothing every Monday. There. That's my trick, #LAME for some, but #AWESOME for me.

Now, to those people that believe they don't have time for that none sense or better said #aintnobodygottimeforthat or have to go to work on a almost uniform kaki pants and dressy shirt, or office skirts and white collar shirts then I leave you guys a few tips to have a better Monday!

Tip#1 I mean, if you think about it we can all have fun with ANY type of clothes for any occasion or job. Yes, even if you work at the DMV there is hope! It's just a matter of adding fun and creativity or as easy as accessorizing your outfit.

Tip#2 Make your Monday feel like a Friday. What?!! Okay, you know how we always make plans for Friday night or for the weekend? We tend to leave the "fun" stuff for those days; Why? Just add a fun activity to your Monday, so you can look forward to Monday mornings, evenings or nights. Sing up for weekly emails, maybe receive one each Monday so you can read something fun each morning or book a massage at your local spa so you can relax before going into work or after work, or just make a date with the girlfriends and talk about the awesome weekend you guys just had?

Tip#3 Positive thoughts & feelings. Take all the negativity out of that brain of your's and don't you dare pronounce any negative words that can bring you down. Change your mindset! Remember our brains are a very powerful tool, take advantage of it!

OseaWey every day is a good day. You are alive!