Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stormtroopers Inspired Outfit of the Day


Everyone knows I love #StarWars, specially #DarthVader and #Stormtroopers; Right? Ok, well now you know. Monday's outfit was "inspired" by the elite soldiers of the Galactic Empire.


Of course, I had to use my new stormtroopers earrings and necklace I got from Amazon along with my striped handbag that I can't seem to have enough of.


Black and White

Very simple color combination, #black and #white cant go wrong there! I got these very comfortable Dotted Grid Leggings for FREE at Forever21.com last week. Same SALE they had last week, learn more from my previous post.


To keep the patterns from the dotted leggings and handbag from crashing. I went ahead and paired it up with my fairly new all white woven top that I also wore before, see post a href="http://osea-wey.com/floral-trends/" title="Floral Trend">FLORAL Trend Day.

Finally for shoes, my newest member to my closet, these awesome Rudberg lace-up sneakers, two tone design with a deck sole I also got on sale.



Total Outfit Cost less than $100!