Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Star Wars Inspired Outfit

Star Wars Fan

oseawey-outfits82-2I am a big fan when it comes to Star Wars, I am not saying that I know all the story line word by word by heart or all the characters names etc. I just appreciate the story line, the imagination involved for every single character, I appreciate the design the creativity as a whole.

I wore this black #cometothedarkside , tank top I been owning for a while now, paired it up with my plaid leather jacket from #nastygal my faithful dark jeans from H&M and of course this super star wars accessories I found at amazon.

I have a weakness when I see something #StarWars or #DarthVader, I like the strong character he plays and the authority he holds, love that about a man lol, but just keep the helmet on Vader and we are all good :)

So when I saw these Stormtrooper accessories at, I had to add to cart and purchase, please ship now!

Stormtrooper Necklace and Earrings


High top Sneakers

oseawey-outfits82-4 Used my new high top sneakers I got this past weekend from Aldo Shoes at a sale price! read post here! First time owning a pair of these suckers, and I love them!

oseawey-outfits82-3Oh yes and while taking my daily outfit picture a friend of mine decided to play "smart" and rip a dollar bill in half, I tool it and taped it :) smart girl!