Thursday, April 10, 2014

Star Wars Accessories find them on Amazon!

Darth Vader Necklace and ring

Last year, I found the coolest Star Wars accessories, #DarthVader ring and necklace along with some awesome #Stormtrooper earrings. I would wear them to work almost every other day. But on January of this year, January 16th to be exact, I wont forget the date since it was my mothers birthday, someone decided to break into our home and steal a few items of great value.

Along with those valuable items my Darth Vader ring and necklace :( I was sad, here we go again I have to find the rings, make sure I am getting them at the same price I initially got them for and purchase them one more time and wait. So I did...

My Darth Vader necklace arrived this weekend! Im just waiting on the ring!


Stormtroopers Necklace and Earrings

While browsing for the Darth Vader ring and necklace I saw this cool stormtrooper necklace and since I already had the earrings; which the thief's did not take :) I couldn't resist to get them!