Monday, April 7, 2014

Shattered Demi Novato Nails Tutorial

Demi Novato Shattered by The New Black


For my birthday I received this awesome #DemiNovato "Shattered" Nail Kit by The New Black innovations in color. I had to wait about a week or so to finally use it since I still had my manicure and nail design from my birthday at the spa.

I got to say that this little 3 polish nail kit from The New Black is pretty darn good! The polish dries pretty fast, the consistency of the polish is kind of thick, so the black covers almost at the first coat you put on.

Shattered Nail Tutorial

Step #1 Use a base coat so the color polishes don't stain your nails. I used a French Manicure "Natural Color" from Sally Hansen.



Step #2 Black coat on all my nails.

Step #3 Gold sheet polish on my thumb and pinky nails, fully covered them.

Step #4 Again gold sheet polish on my ring fingers but this time I only did the tips of he nails.

Step #5 Studs on index, middle and index fingers. I used some really thin tip tweezers I had laying around, but I also manage to grab the studs with the tip of my fingers and to make them stick I used a little bit of the gold sheet clear polish.

On my ring fingers I placed 1 stud where the gold sheets end, on the middle fingers I used 6 studs on each to create a cross shape and finally on my index finger again I used 1 stud on each in the middle of the black nail.


Overall I was very happy with this Demi Novato Shattered Nail Kid, although the very next day, during my sleep and morning shower the studs started to fall off, so I been touching them up and trying to add as much clear coat as I can. Maybe next time use "nail glue" maybe this way they last longer? They are studs and they do get caught up on your hair or things throughout the day.... So I can really complaint that much...

Scale 1 to 10, I give it a 9+ easy to use, no mess and super shinny and bad ass look.