Monday, April 28, 2014

OseaWey! Rhinestone Nails

Rhinestone Nails

Over the weekend I found a little #nail kit at Ross, which included 2 color nail polishes (pink and green), one clear/glue polish, 1oz of white glitter, 1oz of sorted color #rhinestones, 1oz light green tiny flat stars, 1 dotting brush, 1 thin brush and 1 regular brush all for $5.99

Here is the result of what I did with this little kit :)

Step #1 Painted all nails with white polish.

Step #2 Used white #glitter on all nails. How to apply glitter on nails? You apply a clear/glue coat on nail all over, then with a wide fan looking brush you apply glitter, then you clean excess off.


Step#3 Separated all #rhinestones by colors and created all the letters I wanted on each nail. Used the #dotting #brush to place a small/tiny drop of clear/glue polish on the nail to form the letter, then with same dotting brush I grabbed the rhinestone (it sticks since it has a little bit of glue) then placed it on top of #nail with glue, repeat until you get all letters on all desired nails.


and you are DONE!

Nail Art Tools

Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, but all these tools and products worked perfectly for someone like me that is barely getting the hang of doing some nail art on my own. So, I totally recommend for you guys to visit your local #Ross and check out their nail section.


I also found a bunch of stuff at for very low prices! I am adding to cart as I type this, check it out.