Thursday, April 24, 2014

Graffiti Leggings

Street Chic Graffiti Leggings

I got to admit, I have more #leggings in my #closet then actual jeans or shorts or even dresses! Why do I have more leggings than actual #pants? Well, for one they are extremely comfortable, second they are super affordable and third but not least I look awesome in them! lol #sarcasmhumor there...

graffiti leggings

Got these pair of leggings featuring a "Never Look Back" graffiti print with lightening bolt accents an elasticized waist and very lightweight material Street-Chic Graffiti Leggings from #Forever21 for $10.80!

graffiti leggings

Rules for Wearing Leggings

Yes, there is rules when wearing leggings! Since leggings are not pants and leggings tend to be made of very light materials; we girls need to be careful with how with pair them up and what we wear underneath and on top of them.

So here are a few rules I truly believe in when wearing leggings! My Rules...

Rule#1 Wear leggings that work well with your body. Don't wear leggings that are or too tight or too loose. Too tight can show every dimple on your legs and too loose can bunch over and it just looks bad. Need help on what type of leggings to choose according to your body type? Check this article I found at Elle Canada.

graffiti leggings

Rule#2 Leggings are not pants, just like I said before. So always try to cover your butt with either a longer top or coat this helps also covering your camel toe if you get one LOL I know gross Mimi; but its the truth! In this case I used a long sleeve around my waist :)

graffiti leggings

Here is a picture of my behind with nothing covering it, in this case it looks "okay" but I still feel a little uncomfortable walking around like that, so I stick to tying a long sleeve shirt around my waist!

graffiti leggings

Rule#3 Wear the right shoes, be creative! Leggings usually look good with knee-high boots, sandals, flip-flops, or even low-cut boots in my case I used my high top sneakers.

graffiti leggings

FINAL RULE! PLEASE! USE UNDERWEAR THAT IS NOT VISIBLE! Meaning; try to choose a color that matches the color of the leggings and something with very subtle seam-lines.

Like thongs usually do the trick. :) so you can't see the lines, but if you don't wear thongs, cause they can be uncomfortable I may say then try the seamless boy shorts, which are tiny underwear shorts or bikini underwear or if you are adventurous then go commando o.O

Please no granny panties or bright color undies with black or white leggings, bright colorful undies that you cant miss from a distance, those are a big no, no. See what I am talking about here! Please remember leggings are not pants!