Friday, April 18, 2014

Geo Print and Shapes

Geo Prints

I always been a fan of loud and large shapes and geo prints are exactly that! #geoprints are sharp, geometric lines and angular shapes shifted, some designs might have colored in shapes and matched up with color neons, anything that pops and makes a pretty darn bold statement in your face!


I saw this Relaxed Geo Sleeve Sweatshirt at a few weeks ago. It is a very relaxed fit sweatshirt featuring #geo print long sleeves and round neckline and medium weight, very comfortable I must say.

I been sick all week, so I pretty much didn't have a lot of time or "want" to dress up, I wanted something comfortable and something that will keep me warm inside our office, since or office tends to blast the AC on all day long.


Bold Accessories

Geo prints are also becoming important for accessories, strong black and white geo prints are set to make an impact for this spring and summer of 2015. Spots and stripes look fresh in super large proportions combining them with irregular and crafted markings.

Since I am a big fan of the black and white colors; and this sweater, well is black and white lol I automatically thought: "oh, cool it matches my stormtrooper necklace"


Bold and Brave

I think this #trend is for the bold and the brave #lol and people who are artful #print-mixer; and that's what I am all about! #Bold & #Artful & lets not forget #Silly!

Mix it or match it but always wear it with confidence!