Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dark tropical florals

Mixed Media & Florals

Silhouettes that move with a more relaxed and boxier fit, fabric and details like lace and sheer fabrics irregular cutouts and insets, print & graphics with quirky conversational repeats and dark tropical florals are key print directions.



This Love 21 is exactly a boxy knit tee featuring a woven floral print in the front with a heather gray back. Short sleeves made out of 100% rayon; Shell 2: 93% viscose, 7% spandex. You can find this Mixed Media Floral Top at #Forver21 for $13.80



Types of Floral Prints

Delicate florals, lace flower patterns.
Vibrant blossoms, abstract florals and energetic prints.
Dark florals, on a black base or dark floral prints or sports jerseys and cropped tees for a monochrome look.
Mismatched florals.
Brushedstroke florals, textures to create energetic and free abstract print compositions.
Botanical florals, medium-scaled tropical prints. Darkly romantic.
Abstract tropics.
Watercolors florals, Intense and full of movement large scale floral watercolour prints with strong saturated colour tones, with a feminine and abstract feel.
Bleached out florals, pre-wash bleached prints and shadows.
3d floral, using different application methods to create dimension like flocking, embroidery, appliqué, burn-outs, and embossing.
Garden florals, traditional florals with garden blooms including roses with flower buds, stalks and leaves unfinished and hand-sketched versions feel very romantic.
Tropical nature, light printed and soft fabrics produce a more natural feel.
Country florals
Impressionist textures, painted florals, painterly florals small scale textures.
Micro florals Multicolour designs on jerseys and cotton and maybe a few more I forgot to mentioned....