Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cartoon Trends

Cartoon Couture

From graphic tag lines and slogans to super cute and adorable cartoon characters; in this case The Looney Tunes on a pair of Polyester/Spandex leggings. These super silly but amazing pair of Freeze Looney Tunes Leggings from Kohls are an all over print with most of these famous characters heads overlapping each other a very fun piece to wear for sure.


Simply paired with black combat boots and a black long sweater.


Cartoon Trends

You will find all kinds of garments with cartoons prints everywhere you look from pow wow bomb leather purses, felix the cat dresses, large crazy cartoony bags, mickey mouse baseball hats or tops, to superman or batman sneakers, or the famous bart simpson top and skirts that I been seeing in different sites, like and now at Forever21 and also printing on denim. Bold and graphic is in, and if you have the guts and the freedom to wear them, go for it!

Over all cartoons are fun, and to be honest who can denied that 90's cartoons were the best, and what better way than to do some reminiscing and play some homage by wearing these fun characters.

My favorite characters from The Looney Tunes were; Marvin the Martian, Tasmanian Devil and Pepe Le Pew. Which one was yours?