Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aldo's Shopping Spree

This past weekend, I went to the mall to get a gift for a friends kid birthday party, then I remembered that I needed a perfume which I usually buy from #Aldo Shoes called A is for Aldo I get the red one, smells so good. Turns out they had none and I cant seem to find anywhere else not even on their website, I guess Aldo is discontinuing the fragrance, not sure why since it was good, cheap and affordable. To bad, I loved it. Insert sad face here :(

Back to the story, since I was already there, I started browsing the shelfs and oh lord I saw some wedges on sale, then the clerk told me they were having a "Shoe Sale" meaning if I spent more than $100 on shoes, I would get 20% off from each of the pairs I take. I was immediately sold! Besides I made a promise to myself that I would start buying more shoes this year. I have to admit I am not a big shoe collector, which is weird for a girl I guess.

High top lace up Sneakers

So I started by buying these famous Abina high top lace up sneakers that every other girl is wearing or was wearing last year...

I must say I always liked these type of shoes, but I was never actually brave enough to wear them and now that I did I actually love how they look on me, they make me a little taller, give me a slim look and are pretty trendy. They go together with the type of close I have so you'll be seeing these puppies on a few coming up outfits.



For a more comfortable fit for my type of feet I also purchased these Rudberg lace-up sneakers, two tone design with a deck sole. Now these are my type of shoes, flats no heals but still a little bit of a boost to my height. I still have not yet wore them, but I will soon enough I find a cute little outfit, not hard at all! lol


Last but not least, this super cute #anchor pink ring to complete my $100 budget that is.